BRECI-Bureau des relations européennes et de la coopération internationale de l’enseignement agricole

Ministère de l’agriculture, de l’alimentation, de la pêche, de la ruralité et de l’aménagement du territoire

SupAgro Florac, centre constitutif de SupAgro Montpellier

SupAgro Florac 9, rue Celestion Freinet 48400 Florac – BP 35
phone: +33 4 66 65 65 51
GLEN co-ordinator: Abdelkader Guerdane

Bureau des relations européennes et de la coopération internationale de l’enseignement agricole
1 ter, avenue de Lowendal, 75700 Paris 07 SP
phone : +33 (0)1 4955 4570
fax : +33 (0)1 49 55 80 98 (BRECI)
Responsible for Global Education: Maryline Loquet


Supagro Florac is a furhter education college in environmental studies and educational engineering. It is also in charge of longlife training teachers working in state agricultural high shcools. SupAgro Florac coordinates the GLEN-GECO program in France. It is the link between BRECI’s policy in the field of global education and the different actors of the educational network of agricultural schools and colleges.

BRECI is the office for European and international cooperation within the technical and agricultural education network which is part of the French ministry of agriculture and fisheries.

SupAgro Florac has been appointed by BRECI to manage GLEN-GECO, which is a global education program.


BRECI, which is an offical bureau from the ministry of agiculture and fisheries, is in charge of the international cooperation mission within the educational network of agricultural high schools and colleges. That’s why BRECI has signed an agreement with the German ministry of foreign affairs through ASA program to develop and manage GLEN-GECO in France.

We sincerely hope all new GLEN-GECO participants will reinvest their knowledge and experience and take part in the promotion of global education values in France and in Europe.

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