Evaluation study 2014

The evaluation was carried out between December 2013 and May 2014 by Kordian Kochanowicz from the Warsaw-based company ASSIST-IN.

The study aimed to: assess the learning process of GLEN; assess the impact it had on the personal and professional lives of the participants; identify the added value as well as challenges seen in the European dimension of GLEN; determine the level of involvement in global education by its participants at a national and European level and identify the improvement proposals of former participants for GLEN.

The methodology of the evaluation consisted of analysis of the GLEN programme documentation, the online survey of participants of all GLEN generations who completed the cycle (2004-2012) amounting to 884 people and interviews with 14 participants from all participating countries. As many as 293 people responded in the on-line survey, giving a 33% respondent rate. The sample is representative with a confidence level of 95% and the margin of error deemed below 5%. Despite some limitations encountered in the evaluation process, one can consider the findings of the evaluation reliable. The members of the GLEN network as well as other stakeholders can draw lessons learnt from the research.

To read the main findings of the evaluation, please download the Executive summary (pdf, 0,5Mb).

To read the full report or in case you have any questions, comments please get in touch with GLEN through glen-europe.org/contact


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